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    Fans (W/Email) Poem Date
    1)Jason Barnard

    The Crow

    when a man's heart is full of deciet,
    it burns up, and a dark shadow falls over his soul.
    from the ashes of a once great man has risen acurse.
    a wrong that must be righted.
    we look to the sky for a vindacator.
    someone to strike fear in the blackheart of the same man who created him.
    the battle between good and evil has begun. against an army of shadows comes a dark warrior.
    the purveyor of good with a voice of silence and a mission of justice.
    this is "the crow"...

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    2)Tomi King

    One Night

    The longing, for the one I love
    Seeking, to be together again.
    The tragedy of it all.
    The result of one night.

    The love, never ending.
    The wicked have lost
    Although thinking they have won.
    The result of one night.

    The peace, so our love can flourish.
    Racked with pain.
    The result of one night.

    The hope, for the sake of love.
    In the eyes of an angel
    May the wicked become gentle
    And the heart be at peace.

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    Velvet Face

    Mine velvet face shone
    for the last few seconds,
    between weary palms,
    against cold cheeks.
    Black petal rainfalls pour,
    a downward race of claret drops
    swallowed in shattered glass.
    Thousands of empty minds
    with paper-thin eyes
    fooling you with dead lies.
    Invisible yet real and distorted,
    lost inside the ashes of sin.

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    A haunting presence
    arouses forgotten temptations.
    Reflections of yesterday's past,
    turned against your back,
    like frozen promises.
    Difficult to resist a love,
    never felt as strong before.
    A rare emerald, at last
    slipped from sacred hands.
    Despise wrongful urges,
    almost impossible to be replaced.
    Without bonds of true reasons,
    Only knew what was
    never meant for fate.

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    5)carlos blanquera


    my soul sinks in pain
    loved by none i welcome
    death humbly and seek wholeness
    in her embrace
    gone is my live to live
    it was stolen with my heart
    with out them my soul
    fades to black
    what awaits us all
    is a path to lonliness
    welcome to the land of the dead

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    From:Crow Heaven

    Dark Night In The City (dedicated to James O'Barr)

    Part I:Rape in Blood Alley

    the night is dead, and only blood will revive it.
    look now
    ("the crow said don't look!")
    as the wine of innocence is sacrificed, to be lapped up by the unforgiving asphalt
    this City sleeps, but agony has awakened in this nameless alley
    now a black hole of pain and despair
    as a silent scream twists up from the soul and mind of the victim, now silenced
    ("shut up, bitch!")
    the City stirs vaguely, briefly, wondering what gnat around it's ear caused it to
    twitch and sighing,
    the City rolls over and goes back to sleep
    as blood from the crushed rose, the shattered body, the broken mind
    winds its way silently down the drain into the sewer of the beast
    that is the City, the black mother of the alley carrion who
    split open the rose
    devoured the light
    raped the soul
    murdered the mind
    as the last whisper of life breathes upward to drift among the stars and smog,
    soul pain, more than a terrible sadness, descends to the Darkness
    to plead for understanding
    ("God, you bastard. How could you do that to her?)
    and is promised vengeance
    fed by the same blood as the City,
    the Darkness rises, takes shape
    infra-black soul reflection becomes
    murderous wings
    a grating cry cleaves the night…

    To Be Continued.

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    From:Crow Heaven

    Dark Night In The City (dedicated to James O'Barr)

    Part II: Red Angels with Black Wings

    a grating cry cleaves the night
    a face,
    once bloody and bruised
    a face,
    once beated and without life
    a face whose eyes once held hope
    faith in mankind
    a face,
    now is Death's Mirror
    a face whose eyes now hold an emptiness
    created from pain and necessity
    a face whose eyes, like twin voids,
    hold the shadowy memory of
    red angels with black wings
    hold another memory (of a nameless alley)
    that is far to clear
    eyes face soul remembers the
    scales that the angels held
    like the black and white
    soul essence
    that has bled onto
    her face

    To Be Continued.

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    From:Crow Heaven

    Dark Night In The City (dedicated to James O'Barr)

    Part III: Gorging the City

    her face
    the Darkness
    in its new, winged form,
    nestles softly against her neck
    against her soul
    envelopes her as no lover ever could
    or did
    (or ever will)
    and whispers to her
    ("Stick the knife in. Break it off.")
    the City will feel it's twisted children bleed
    hear them plead for mercy they themselves did not give
    and she will paint the town red
    and feed the sleeping City
    (soon awakened by nightmares)
    with a sacrifice of the damned

    To Be Continued.

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    9)Lee Michael Breese

    Soulless Man Walks

    Shots in the rain,
    Screaming from a girl,
    Blood,Pain,Shadows run deep,
    A year later i come back from my sleep,
    from the madness,
    All he feels is pain,
    Now he has no fear,
    No pain no regret,
    Only revenge is what he is set on,
    And only revenge is what he gets,
    No mercy from the soul only
    God shall only give you the mercy he cannot give,
    Still after it is done,
    No more shadows,
    No more tears of blood,
    As no more pain,
    No more of anything that came,
    Only the love that he had,
    And the girl that was his dreams,
    As he brought her back her soul,
    And her diamond ring.

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    10)Dusty Stanley

    Night Of Endless Sleep

    Falling through a night of endless sleep,
    Falling finally flying over the street,
    Blood,Pain,Shadows run deep,
    swooping Sweeping very fast,
    falling falling flying at last,
    someone falls, Someone dies,
    in the distance a baby cries,
    as i fall about to soar,
    Quoth the RaveN, "FOREVERMORE"

    Dusty stanley 97

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  • Fans (W/Email) Poem Date
    11)Andrew L. Himala
    From:West Covina, CA

    Death, ye not a burden.

    Death, ye not a burden
    But a blessing.
    Blood,Pain,Shadows run deep,
    Death, nor art a curse
    Tis maybe a cure.
    Death, be not destruction
    Truly can be salvation.

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    12)Maggie Ginn
    From:Indianapolis, IN


    He looks at me.
    His deep blue eyes,
    Like a sea.
    A sea of lies.
    His lies cut me,
    Like a blade.
    The blade cuts so deep.
    There is no shade.
    No shade away,
    From him and his words.
    They stay there,
    Never ending,
    Never stopping,
    Just flowing.
    The tides of time,
    Everything is spinning,
    To oblivion.
    But a blessing.

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    13)Lyndsey Hicks
    From:Columbia, S.C.

    "Conversation of the Dead"

    months dead
    Feels like an eternity of pain...
    Souls are restless, pleading for vengence...
    "Don't take me to Hell," the guilty cry...
    "Too late, motherfucker." we reply...
    "Damn your soul, go to Hell and fry...."
    "Fuck you too, I'll be sure to tell your wife and kid, punk-ass daddy
    said goodbye..."
    "May the Lord have mercy upon his soul and may Jesus weep the tears
    of sorrow for his him..."
    "I know why Jesus wept motherfucker, and it damn sure wasn't for him..."
    "Damn those who are different, for them is no hope and no religion
    can save them..."
    "For us there is Jesus and then darkness..."
    "Can you feel inside, do you have a heart?..."
    "Do you know how it feels for your heart to be split apart?...."

    For I am the Angel of Pain....

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    14)Lyndsey Hicks
    From:Columbia, S.C.

    "Sense of Death"

    Too many times I watched you with love in my eyes...
    Now i watch as the crow takes flight...
    You promised me everything would be allright....
    Now I promise to bring you death and pain, a soothing retribution...
    Let revenge take its course, for resistance is futile and death is
    Love is malicious, but so is being alive...
    Dead people tell no tales...
    We are them....

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    15)Doz Astrid


    trying so hard to break away
    from the name
    that you couldnt escape
    Lee's son...
    as you fade into nothingness
    your heart filled with love
    as you take pieces of the ones that care
    as you leave...
    yet within the hearts of those so dear
    within the hearts of those you love
    you shall forever be...
    brandon bruce lee...

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    16)Jason Rondeau


    Tears! I've seen many kinds of tears
    Tears of sadness, Tears of pain
    But the tears i like most are tears of JOY. And for the first time in my life i
    experienced true joy and it was arms of angel. As the tears fell from my cheek
    she looked at me and asked me why am i crying? Because i'm happy i replied. Then
    we started to dance and i swear i felt like i was floting on air and from that
    moment on i new she was my angel. But then as fast as i got her i lost her but i
    swear i will not rest in till we are together once more.
    I love you now & forever Kate Rozon
    My angel.

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    17)Andrew K Greenham
    From:Western Australia


    Stolen was his soul
    Lost was the meaning somehow
    His life became a solitary wiltering rose
    Healthy him at birth
    Sickend in his age and now
    A hand once offered
    But now he stands alone

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    18)Jason Rondeau

    no place to far

    I would clim a millons walls just clim millons more if it meant i could see you
    smile. I would swim a hundred rivers just to swim a hundred more if meant i
    could lift the tears of tender cheek. I would fight a millons men just to fight
    millons more if meant i could hold you in my arms. Not one this things could
    ever slow me down 'cause no place that far there's no place i would not look
    there's no place i would not search just to be with you. I would always find a
    way to get to where you are so always remeber i'll be there when call i'll be
    there when you need me just so i know your happy. Anything my for my angel
    from up above Kate Rozon

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    19)Jason Rondeau


    There was a day i lost a friend,
    His life came to tragic end,
    Words are shallow, they cannot hide
    The hollowness that burns inside.
    A sudden death is hard to take,
    Is this a dream? Will i awake?
    Although i cry, it's hard to cope
    For in this life we have no hope
    We live a superficial lie
    Pretending we will never die.
    We kid ourselves & nothing more,
    We say that death's is worth waiting for
    One day you're here the next you're gone
    That's how it is, & life goes on.
    A narrow path, guided by fate
    With death awaiting at the gate.
    We're trapped inside with one way out,
    And live a life of pain & doubt.
    We thrive on hope & not despair
    That after death there's something there
    To form a myth on which to grow
    Is all we humans really know
    But death awaits, & death we dread
    Soon, like my friend, we'll all be dead.

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    20)DJ Wysocki
    From:Cheektowaga, New York

    "Dark Crow, Let Me Be"

    Dark crow, set me free.
    Set me free, let me be.
    Carry my soul to the other side
    so there I may forever reside.
    If I must return to write a wrong,
    with the people I may live among.
    No loneliness, no solitary
    for me. Dark crow, set me free, let me be.

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    21)Roman J Yurek
    From:MCBH Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii

    True Love

    I never loved this much
    I never felt so good
    They took it all away from me
    Now I know what to do
    Take vengence on their souls
    Take their lives like mine
    Make them feel loss
    Cause the love I lost
    Was too devine

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